Wheelchair Easy Staircase For The Disabled

Buying your own house is usually a one-time decision, or one for a long period of time. We build a home in a place where we usually gain satisfaction to settle down.
We often leave out people with special needs while building our homes. We limit ourselves to our own present needs, not thinking about our own future.
You never know what is coming your way, or it could even be a guest with special needs, and being always ready and prepared is the smart thing to do.
Recently several companies have produced electric wheelchairs, which can climb straight staircases, pavements or doorsteps, in total safety. However there have not been any staircases which welcome wheelchairs.

A slope
One way is to replace the staircase with a slope, which would be friendly for wheelchairs, as well as people with joint problems, who are recommended to not climb stairs.

Staircase which turns into a slope
Another way to have a heart-healthy stair case in the house, as well as a slope, without utilizing any extra space, is to have a staircase designed which turns into a slope.
It can have a lever, which can be pulled and locked, slanting each stair into forming a slope altogether.
Another idea is to install a sensor which senses wheels or a wheelchair, and automatically turns the staircase into a slope.
This innovation is a great option for people who want to be independent, taking charge or their disability. Also even if they have a caregiver, they would not require their help for a task as little as going upstairs in their own home.