Space Saving Furniture

We often discuss many ideas for interior design, however we mostly only consider options which are space consuming. Hence, those of us who live in small homes, cannot really consider options which take up on these options.
Below is a list of clever space-saving products that we've collected. It will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Under The Stairs Storage

These are large drawers under your staircase, in which you can store several kinds of objects. They can accommodate your shoes, books, coats, and any other items which you need right as you are rushing to work.

Wall Beds

These beds fold into the frame or your wall, pretending to be an exquisite wall décor, adding to the ambiance of your room, and later at night you can pull them out, and have a good night’s sleep.

Sofa Bunk Bed

This is a sofa, with double stuffed frames, and can be pulled up, unfolding into a space utilizing bunk bed, providing seats by day, and sleeping space for two by night.

Fold-Down Table

This is a normal closed cabinet in your wall, but becomes a table as you unfold it, revealing a shelf with small partitions to keep your stationary or other objects, along with a writing desk.

Window Blindfolds Become A Rack

This is a normal frame of blinds around your window pane, but it can be pulled down, turning it into a rack for drying clothes. You can hang your slightly moist clothes on it for drying, which you have just taken out of the dryer.