Smart Geometry Of Architecture

Architecture in the 21st century has been doing wonders. It is not uncommon today to not use your traditional pencil and paper to sketch two-dimensional designs for planning the architecture of your building.
Smart-geometry is a group which was formed in 2001 as a partnership between Practice, Research and Academia. Some of the world's leading architectural and engineering practices and educational institutions are represented in this organization.
It focuses on the use of computer as an intelligent medium for design in architecture. These are three-dimensional designs on screen, which are then later applied outside virtual reality.
It is not just the manner of designing which is smart, but the designs put up with the latest upgrades in architecture, and technology.

These are currently the top three most popular ideas used in designing through smart geometry.

Sensory Detectives

It will be an immersive design experience, visualizing a physically simulated thermal environment. It would question the dynamics of heat, moisture and air within an atmospheric pavilion design modular architectural elements and one would experience their effect through their body.

Swarmbot Assemblage

This will explore dynamic construction processes through the interaction of autonomous robots and a malleable environment.

Atmospheric Delight

This idea aims to produce generative feedback loops between spatial scenarios and user experiences, through a close working relationship between architecture and cognitive science.