Ideas For Setting-Up Your Studio Apartment

Having a studio apartment shouldn’t mean that you can’t have guests over. Here we have four of our favorite ways to make your studio functional and stylish:

Always, always, always create a seating area

Would you really like guests sitting on your bed? We surely won’t. Maybe some, but definitely not all.Having a separate seating area not only helps keep your bedding clean but provide you a sense of privacy. Even if you have very little space, try throwing in a love seat or an apartment sized sofa.

Closets make great offices

Whether you are attending college, or work from home, having a separate work zone can be a necessity. We suggest that you put your largest closet to use. Put up shelves all the way to the ceiling and add rolling cards underneath your desks to give you maximum storage.

Careful decoration can make the space look big

Opt for furniture that is transparent. Lucite chairs and tables make the place appear bigger while blending into your surroundings.

Artwork can hide storage

Who says adding maximum storage space needs to take away the look of your apartment. Use customized storage design systems that uses art to hide an ugly cabinet space.