Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Your child’s nursery is their haven. In the past, the gender of your baby was the deciding factor of the color of paint that goes up on the walls of the nursery. However, things have changed. People are now opting towards following a more gender neutral design idea. They focus much more on a good design, as opposed to sticking with the traditional boy/girl color palettes.
Here are our top three gender-neutral nursery ideas:

Wood = Warmth
We are enjoying the increasing usage of wood elements in a nursery. These elements aim to bring a warm and rustic vide to your baby’s safe haven. Although, creating a wood wall in fun, you can also achieve the same look by adding customized wood paneling throughout the room.

Dark Paint Color
Yes, we are still on the topic of decorating a nursery. Although, this is far beyond ideas surrounding a traditional nursery, it’s your best method to bring a modern, and gender-neutral feel to the space.
The darker colors serve as a beautiful backdrop to any part of the room that you would like to add an additional pop of color to.

Ceilings, don’t need to be boring
Your ceiling plays a key role in completing the entire look of your child’s nursery. Painting or wallpapering the ceiling are all great options. They pair excellently with a plain white palette and give the room a gender-neutral, yet modern feel.