Ethanol Fireplaces

Who doesn’t wish for a stunning fireplace lighting up the entire look of your living safe? We surely do.
However, how can one contribute towards energy efficiency all while not sacrificing the idea of a fireplace? We suggest that you consider Ethanol fireplaces.

Good for the environment
Gas-fueled and Ethanol fireplaces use a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel and produce a drastically smaller ecological footprint, thus making it an excellent alternative that is best for the environment.
Safer than traditional fireplaces
Unlike traditional wood burning fireplaces, ethanol is much safer. You don’t get any ashes as the remaining liquid vaporizes, and it doesn’t emit any dangerous fumes. This also provides another benefit, as it doesn’t produce any unpleasant looking soot that can ruin the look of your walls and/or your ceilings.

Easy installation, ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces
Ethanol fireplaces are slowly becoming our most favorite, as they are quite simple in construction and there is absolutely no need for a chimney or a massive installation. Since, these are easily portable and doesn’t require any venting or electricity, they are also easy to be incorporated into any new and retrofitted spaces, indoors and outside.

Simple to use
Ethanol fireplaces also prove to be very easy to use, while a traditional fireplace requires you to chop wood, drag it inside and struggle with ignition – who has time for all of this? With an Ethanol fireplace, you can very easily show-off your fireplace, by simply taking a bottle of ethanol, pouring it in the fireplace and igniting it with a long lighter. This means, you will now be able to turn on your fireplace just before your guests arrive.