Child-Locked Pools – For Your Child’s Safety

With summer rolling just around the corner, pools become the biggest attraction for children.
In states where pools are numerous, there are more fatalities to young children from drowning than from traffic accidents. According to stats, the percentage of children drowning in accidents goes up a notch during summers.
With the following techniques, you can keep your pools child proof, ensuring the safety of your little ones.

This is a magnetic safety gate latch, which can be installed in wooden or metal gates. It can be placed at a height which your child would not be able to reach, therefore only giving you control.

Pool Cover
This would cover the surface of your pool, restricting anyone to enter it without your supervision. They can be password protected, not allowing your child to uncover the pool on their own.

Swimming Pool Alarm
This alarm can start screeching as soon as a heavy object, such as a person, falls into the pool. This was just in case your child accidentally falls into the pool, the loud beeping alarm would alert you right away, in time to rush and help them out.

These can be used to form a boundary around the pool, tall enough to not allow your child to climb over it and break in. You can keep it locked, to restrict your children from the pool without your supervision.