Smart Geometry Of Architecture

Architecture in the 21st century has been doing wonders. It is not uncommon today to not use your traditional pencil and paper to sketch two-dimensional designs for planning the architecture of your building.Smart-geometry is a group which was formed in 2001 as a partnership between Practice, Research and Academia. Some of the world's leading architectural and engineering practices and educational institutions are represented in this organization.It focuses on the use of computer as an intelligent medium for design in architecture. These are three-dimensional designs on screen, which are then later applied outside virtual reality.It is not just the manner of designing which is smart, but the designs put up with the latest upgrades in arc...

Wheelchair Easy Staircase For The Disabled

Buying your own house is usually a one-time decision, or one for a long period of time. We build a home in a place where we usually gain satisfaction to settle down.
We often leave out people with special needs while building our homes. We limit ourselves to our own present needs, not thinking about our own future.
You never know what is coming your way, or it could even be a guest with special needs, and being always ready and prepared is the smart thing to do.
Recently several companies have produced electric wheelchairs, which can climb straight staircases, pavements or doorsteps, in total safety. However there have not been any staircases which welcome wheelchairs.

A slopeOne way is to replace the staircase with a slope, which would be ...

Nautical Beach Huts

It is summer season again. The scorching heat induced by the hot sun floating on top of your heads. You wish to have some time by the sea, to give yourself a fresh start.

You decide to have a nice gathering at your beach hut, but before calling everyone over you need to give your hut a makeover.

When it comes to deciding a theme for redoing your hut, nautical beach huts are becoming a thing lately.

Top ideas to give your beach hut a classy nautical turn are listed below.

Color CoordinationThe most conventional colors for hinting a nautical theme right away are blue and white. If you set your living room with lots of blues and whites, from the paints to the furniture, it would make your sailor-like theme vibrant. You can paint the walls b...

Space Saving Furniture

We often discuss many ideas for interior design, however we mostly only consider options which are space consuming. Hence, those of us who live in small homes, cannot really consider options which take up on these options.
Below is a list of clever space-saving products that we've collected. It will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Under The Stairs Storage

These are large drawers under your staircase, in which you can store several kinds of objects. They can accommodate your shoes, books, coats, and any other items which you need right as you are rushing to work.

Wall Beds

These beds fold into the frame or your wall, pretending to be an exquisite wall décor, adding to the ambiance of your room, and later at n...

Child-Locked Pools – For Your Child’s Safety

With summer rolling just around the corner, pools become the biggest attraction for children.
In states where pools are numerous, there are more fatalities to young children from drowning than from traffic accidents. According to stats, the percentage of children drowning in accidents goes up a notch during summers.
With the following techniques, you can keep your pools child proof, ensuring the safety of your little ones.

This is a magnetic safety gate latch, which can be installed in wooden or metal gates. It can be placed at a height which your child would not be able to reach, therefore only giving you control.

Pool CoverThis would cover the surface of your pool, restricting anyone to enter it without your supervision. They ...

Ideas For Setting-Up Your Studio Apartment

Having a studio apartment shouldn’t mean that you can’t have guests over. Here we have four of our favorite ways to make your studio functional and stylish:

Always, always, always create a seating area

Would you really like guests sitting on your bed? We surely won’t. Maybe some, but definitely not all.Having a separate seating area not only helps keep your bedding clean but provide you a sense of privacy. Even if you have very little space, try throwing in a love seat or an apartment sized sofa.

Closets make great offices

Whether you are attending college, or work from home, having a separate work zone can be a necessity. We suggest that you put your largest closet to use. Put up shelves all the way to the ceiling ...

Two-Toned Look For Your Kitchen

The two-toned look continues to show up in kitchen design. It has gone so far as to have us consider renovating our entire kitchen. Adding a two-tone look to your kitchen can change the entire feel of your kitchen.

Here are our top picks for when it comes to taking on the two-tone trend, for your kitchen.

Go Minimalist

A sleek modern kitchen with a two-tone look creates an exquisite look. By choosing the bottom cabinets in a shade of grey and the upper cabinets in a shade of while, you can create a visually interesting space, without it feeling so overwhelming.

Backsplash Your Entire Wall

Stick to the classic color combos such as black and white. Try using white for the lower cabinets and a counter to ceiling black tiled backsplash. Yo...

Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas

Your child’s nursery is their haven. In the past, the gender of your baby was the deciding factor of the color of paint that goes up on the walls of the nursery. However, things have changed. People are now opting towards following a more gender neutral design idea. They focus much more on a good design, as opposed to sticking with the traditional boy/girl color palettes.
Here are our top three gender-neutral nursery ideas:

Wood = Warmth
We are enjoying the increasing usage of wood elements in a nursery. These elements aim to bring a warm and rustic vide to your baby’s safe haven. Although, creating a wood wall in fun, you can also achieve the same look by adding customized wood paneling throughout the room.

Dark Paint ColorYes...

Ethanol Fireplaces

Who doesn’t wish for a stunning fireplace lighting up the entire look of your living safe? We surely do.
However, how can one contribute towards energy efficiency all while not sacrificing the idea of a fireplace? We suggest that you consider Ethanol fireplaces.

Good for the environmentGas-fueled and Ethanol fireplaces use a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel and produce a drastically smaller ecological footprint, thus making it an excellent alternative that is best for the environment.Safer than traditional fireplacesUnlike traditional wood burning fireplaces, ethanol is much safer. You don’t get any ashes as the remaining liquid vaporizes, and it doesn’t emit any dangerous fumes. This also provides another benefit, as it d...


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